Entrepreneurial Development Programs for People with Disabilities

Community Futures British Columbia has two programs to provide support for Persons with Disabilities, who are interested in being self-employed or already operate a business.

IDEA - Innovation through Diversity, Entrepreneurship and Adaptability


EDP - Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program


The IDEA Pilot Program assists eligible participants to become self-employed,  providing resources for evaluating business ideas and training to develop capacity for self employment.  

The EDP Program assists eligible participants to maintain or grow their existing business. 



IDEA - Eligibility                                                                               

  • You have a self-declared disability or have been assessed as having a disability.
  • You have a self-employment idea or concept but not the resources or knowledge to launch a business.
  • You started a business on or after February 1, 2020 but have not made any substantial income to date.
  • You need training in the field that the self-employment opportunity is in.
  • You are unemployed or precariously employed.



EDP - Eligibility

  • You have a self-declared disability or have been assessed as having a disability.
  • Your business is registered and generating revenue prior to February 1, 2020.
  • You have the skills/training required to operate the business.
  • You need training or coaching to maintain or grow the business.
  • You have the resources or means to access capital to implement the strategies developed through coaching and/or training.


IDEA - Participant Supports

  • Skills Development Training.
  • Business Coaching and Training.
  • Access to temporary financial supports that reduce barriers to participation in the program. (e.g. childcare expenses, transportation supports, digital technology, business equipment, mental health supports.)


EDP - Participant Supports

  • Business Coaching related to business strategy, business plan development and/or specific challenges impacting the businesses future.
  • Business Training addressing skill gaps in business operation and management.


To submit a Participant Application for the IDEA Program


To submit a Participant Application for the EDP Program


Not sure where to start?? Call 604-289-4222 or email idea@communityfutures.ca



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